Can find high-demand, high-paying jobs in almost any location

Our Mission

  • Assist transitioning military and veterans in finding jobs in the MEP trades (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Assist employers in finding, training, and hiring veterans, and educating employers about the benefits of training and hiring veterans
  • Inform veterans and employers about MEP training schools, and serve as a resource to connect these two groups with these schools and each other
What is MEP

What is MEP?

MEP stands for the Mechanical,  Electrical, and Plumbing trades, and includes HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) repair, service, and installation trades.


Why MEP?

MEP tradespeople have been in high demand since 2012, and industry projections show a continued strong demand and short supply for the foreseeable future.

Where is MEP

Where is MEP?

MEP positions can be found in every part of the country and many nations worldwide, allowing skilled MEP tradespeople to find jobs wherever they want to live.

The Victory Trade Alliance exists to bring transitioning military personnel and veterans together with employers in the MEP trades, through training programs and schools in the MEP trades. Employers know that veterans make some of their best employees but may not know that it’s in their best interest to help veterans get the training they need to become successful MEP tradesmen. Veterans and transitioning military often have difficulty in re-entering civilian life, and having a path to an in-demand, good-paying job is one of the best ways to make this transition easier. Both employers and potential MEP employees may not be aware of the training opportunities that exist, and that’s where the Victory Trade Alliance comes in. VTA wants to connect training programs, veterans, and employers with each other, for everyone’s benefit.

Chaunté Hall

Chaunté Hall,
President of the Victory Trade Alliance

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Facts About MEP

Good income for MEP trades

HVAC techs median salary
is $50,160 a year

Electricians median salary
is $59,190 a year

Plumbers median salary
is $58,150 a year

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