A compendium of professional insight

and true stories of veteran transition as told by the organizations and influencers working to support the military community



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Latest Episodes

APRIL 19, 2021

#11: Combat Flip Flops, Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin established Combat Flip Flops after his time spent serving overseas. Today, the brand is one of the most recognizable veteran companies around…

APRIL 05, 2021

#010: Naval Warrior Foundation - Murtice Tucker

Murtice Tucker, a naval veteran and the CEO of the Naval Warrior Foundation, has devoted his post-service career…

MARCH 29, 2021

#009: Backpacks for Life - Brett D'Alessandro & Alexa Modero

The Co-Founders of Backpacks for Life join the show this week to share with Chaunte their incredible story of inspiration…

MARCH 08, 2021

#008: Veterans United Craft Brewery - Ron Gamble

United States military veteran and Florida-based entrepreneur, Ron Gamble, shares his background and experience…

MARCH 01, 2021

#007: Women In Military Service for America Memorial Foundation - Robin Johnson

For this 2021 debut episode of VET Nation, host Chaunte Hall is joined by longtime friend and veteran ally Robin Johnson…

NOVEMBER 02, 2020

#006: Hire Heroes USA - Ross Dickman

Ross Dickman, COO of Hire Heroes USA, joins VET Nation this episode to talk about the organization’s work …